Marek Kądziela – 'Goldfinger' (Studio #1)

Gniewomir Tomczyk / Project – Making Of

Gniewomir Tomczyk – drums / samples Min t – vocal / synth bass Kuba Więcek – sax Marek Kądziela – guitar

Ola Przytuła – video


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Gniewomir Tomczyk / Project is the band of drummer Gniewomir Tomczyk. Every musician that showed on the band has a different way of playing on his instrument so in a way it's a collection of original musical personilities. The genres that appear on the group are jazz / electronic. Compositions that can be heared on the album are a powerful and progressive. The sound is affected by such genres as jazz, avant-jazz, drum'n'bass, dub, ambinet. The combination of classical music and jazz gives a feeling of "third stream". The band does not lack, soothing, delicate melodic phrases and energetic solos.

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