Fender®, Strat®, Stratocaster® and Telecaster® are registered trademarks
of Fender Musical Instruments Corp.



We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best pickups you have ever owned
and expand above and beyond all of your expectations. from vintage, blues, rock, classic you name it we can build it.
We have more own models, and we also take custom orders to create your own dream unique design.




'Crystal Clear' Pickups are wound in our shop one-at-a-time. Our main goal in designing our pickups is to create
a high quality product while capturing that signature vintage tone in each individual pickup.
Our pickups are scatter wound by hand offering a balance of crisp highs, defined mids and a warm balanced low end.
We want the individuality in the notes to be defined and to stand out.

VALHALLA GCS in no way implies that it builds or sells Fender® guitars.
For legal reasons we do not apply Fender® decals.

Our guitars are a result of a collaboration between Valhalla GCS, OSCA4Drums (PL), Dominger Custom Pickups (USA)
and Crystal Clear Pickups (USA).


Bartek Papierz

Marek Kądziela

Kamil Szewczyk


Bartek Papierz

Marek Kądziela



Marek Osojca (OSCA4Drums, PL)

Joce Dominger (Dominger Custom Pickups, USA)