Valhalla '52 T-Bone Relic 'The Snowman'

Project: '52 T-Bone Manufacturer: Valhalla GCS Guitar Builder: Wojtek Osojca Year: 2019 Serial: 24201901 This Limited Edition 'Valhalla '52 T-Bone Relic – The Snowman4'. '52 T-Bone Series guitars is a tribute to most famous model of Fender®. All is perfect here, simplicity, comprehensive and comfort. Ease of making modifications of electronics as well as neck profile, makes the guitar to have its own personality that is unique – from blues to fussion. 'Crystal Clear' Boutique P90 Pickup (Alnico 5, AGED) hand-wound by Ben Lindsey for VGCS 'DiMarzio' Twang King Bridge ® Pickup (Alnico 5, NOS) SPECIFICATION: Body Material: 1 Piece Pine (1944) Body Color: Chalky Spray White Matt, Wax Neck: One-p

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