Valhalla '07 TS Road Worn 'Wings'

Project: DAG® '07 Telstar® Manufacturer: Valhalla GCS Guitar Builder: Wojtek Osojca Year: 2015 Serial: 06201503 This Limited Edition ‘Valhalla '57 TS Road Worn – Wings’ is a result of a collaboration between The Valhalla Guitar Custom Shop and Ben Lindsey Madisons Music LLC (USA). This guitar has been crafted based on the original specifications DAG® '07 Telstar®. ...All hardware vintage (original one) or a beautiful relic. 'Crystal Clear' Boutique Stratocaster® '60 Pickups (Alnico 5, AGED) and Esquire® '50 Pickups (Alnico 5, AGED). Hand-wound by Ben Lindsey for Valhalla GCS. The CC Stratocaster '60 are scatter wound offering all the traditional vintage tone and clarity but without the noise

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