Valhalla '60 TJ Relic






Project: Danocaster® Inca Silver Heretic

Manufacturer: Valhalla GCS

Guitar Builder: Wojtek Osojca

Year: 2015

Serial: 08201506


This Limited Edition ‘Valhalla '60 TJ Relic – Montezuma’ is a result of a collaboration between The Valhalla Guitar Custom Shop, Ben Lindsey Madisons Music LLC (USA) and Dominger Custom Pickups (USA). This guitar has been crafted based on the original specifications Fender® '60 Models. ...All hardware vintage (original one) or a beautiful relic.

'Crystal Clear' Boutique Mini Humbucker® '60 Pickups (Alnico 2, AGED) and

'Dominger' Custom Esquire Twang '51® Pickups (Alnico 3, AGED).

Hand-wound by Friends for Valhalla GCS.


The CC Mini Humbucker '60. The special attention given in the build process gaurantees that each pickup will capture that signature vintage tone. A classic 60's style humbucker sound...


The 'Dominger' Custom Twang '51 – designed in the true spirit of the early 50's, delivers that signature thickness and the unique twang that defines this magic era. Hand built and scatter-wound bridge pickup uses high-grade Alnico 3 magnets delivering a unique tone sought-after by those that dream of having a Tele capable of delivering a slightly beefier vintage tones with perfect definition, unique musicality with a sound to die for.



Body Material: 2 Piece Alder
Body Color: Inca Silver, Satin Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Neck: Maple, Medium 'C' Shape, Thickness .84" at 1 Fret, .95" at 12 Fret, Vintage Glossy Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Fretboard: Slab Board Rosewood, 7.25" Radius, Replica Clay Dots
Frets: 21 Tall Frets, width 2 mm x 1.3 mm height, Vintage
Truss Rod: Adjustment at Heel
Tuning Keys: Vintage Split Shaft, White Aged Plastic, Single Line, Silver
Bridge: Fender® Bridge Plate 'flat conversion style', Jazzmaster® Knurled bridge, Jazzmaster® Tremolo with bar
Pickups: 'Crystal Clear' Mini Humbucker® '60 – Alnico 2 (7.5 kΩ N), Adjustable height Pole, AGED / 'Dominger' Esquire Twang '51® – Alnico 3 (7.5 kΩ B), Flat Pole, AGED
Wiring: CTS® 2 x 250K, .05uF Motown Mojo
Pickguard: Vintage 3-Ply Green Mint, 8 Fastening Screws
Decoration: _