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Mark II

Valhalla S Hybrid Road Worn



Bartek Papierz



Project: Fender® Stratocaster® (hybrid – Marek Raduli)

Manufacturer: Valhalla GCS

Guitar Builder: Wojtek Osojca

Year: 2016

Serial: 18201608


This Limited Edition 'Valhalla S Hybrid Road Worn – Mark II' has been crafted based on the original specifications Fender® Stratocaster® (hybrid – Marek Raduli). ...All hardware vintage (original one) or a beautiful relic.

DiMarzio Steve Lukather Loaded Strat Pickguard Transition DP254, DP255F BK/BK (Ceramic Magnets).

920D Loaded Pickguard.

'DiMarzio' Transition Neck and Bridge Model pickups were designed for Steve Lukather and Luke's new LIII Music Man guitar. The pickups are named after Steve s new album, Transition(release date January 21, 2013). Lukather played the LIII guitar with Transition pickups throughout the new record. The passive Transition humbuckers are both subtle and tough. They have power and they have depth. Steve says they re organic, and they allow him to own his sound. These days I like it simple and direct, he shares. The Transition Neck Model performs like a vintage humbucker with a bad attitude. It has punch and edge, and it s fast.

The Transition Neck Model has very good balance between solid bass and glassy treble. The spread between lows and highs creates a big sound that works well for both solos and backup, while the frequency response of the coils is tuned just far enough apart to open up the mids without sounding hollow.

A powerful magnet and coils tuned to slightly different frequencies create very strong fundamental tones, with sustained notes that resolve easily to first- and second-order harmonics. The output rating isn t as high as our loudest models, but the Transition Bridge Model puts a lot of impact into every picked note.



Body Material: 2 Piece Alder
Body Color: Wenge, Mordant Lacquer
Neck: Maple, '60 Thick 'C' Shape, Thickness .85" at 1 Fret, .96" at 12 Fret, Tinted Thin Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Fretboard: Slab Board Rosewood, 9.5" Radius, Replica Black Clay Dots
Frets: 21 Vintage Tall Frets 6105
Truss Rod: Adjustment at Heel
Tuning Keys: Vintage Kluson® Styled, Single Line, Silver with Ivory Buttons
Bridge: Tremolo Gotoh® Vintage, Gold, AGED
Pickups: 'DiMarzio' Steve Lukather Transition DP254, DP255F BK/BK
Wiring: Genuine CTS 500K, .022uF Orange Drop, CRL 3-way Switch, Vintage Style Gavitt Cloth Wiring
Pickguard: 920D 3-Ply Black, 11 Fastening Screws
Decoration: _

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