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Valhalla '52/'56 T Hybrid Relic


'The guitar is ‘transparent’, especially in the mid range with a balanced tone in all positions... perfectly cut through the rest of the band. Using a thick u neck profile gives it a broader bigger sound in the lower range – massive. Despite its size the neck is very comfortable, making the whole guitar feel completely balanced. Great sound with a vintage look makes for a fantastic instrument that has become the main stay in my arsenal.'

Bartek Papierz



Project: Fender® '52 Telecaster® and '56 Telecaster® Vintage White

Manufacturer: Valhalla GCS

Guitar Builder: Wojtek Osojca

Year: 2014

Serial: 04201405


This Limited Edition ‘Valhalla '52/'56 T Hybrid Relic – Fairlane’ is a result of a collaboration between The Valhalla Guitar Custom Shop and Ben Lindsey Madisons Music LLC (USA). This guitar has been crafted based on the original specifications Fender® '52 Telecaster® and Fender® '56 Telecaster® Vintage White. ...All hardware vintage (original one) or a beautiful relic.


'Crystal Clear' Boutique Telecaster® '50 Pickups (Alnico 5, NOS).

Hand-wound by Ben Lindsey for Valhalla GCS.


The CC Telecaster '50 are scatter wound offering all the traditional vintage tone and clarity but without the noise!The pickups are extremely well matched, without the usual drop in volume when switching to the neck pickup. The bridge pickup sound is bright without being shrill. The neck pickup is fat and warm without being muddy. Those pickups have smooth attack, glassy warmth with full sweet sustain. A classic 50's style sound with a classy bell tone.

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Body Material: 2 Piece Alder ('56 Styled)
Body Color: Vintage White (yellowed), Satin Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Neck: Solid Maple, '52 Styled 'U' Shape (Super Fat Baseball Bat Profile, Chunky), Thickness .97" at 1 Fret, 1.0" at 12 Fret, Tinted Thin Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Fretboard: Solid Maple, 9.5" Radius, Replica Black Clay Dots
Frets: 21 Tall Frets, width 2 mm x 1.3 mm height, Vintage
Truss Rod: Adjustment at Heel
Tuning Keys: Vintage Kluson®, Single Line, Silver
Bridge: Vintage Fender® Telecaster® Bridge (Fender Pat.) with Brass Saddles​
Pickups: 'Crystal Clear' Telecaster® '50 – Alnico 5 (5.56 kΩ B, 7.36 kΩ N), Staggered Pole, AGED
Wiring: CTS® 2 x 250K, .1uF Miflex 1975
Pickguard: Vintage 1-Ply Black Bakelite, 5 Fastening Screws
Decoration: Vintage (original) Car Emblem '63 Ford Fairlane

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