Cofe & Tea

Valhalla '58/'62 S Road Worn






Project: Fender® '58 Stratocaster® and '62 Stratocaster® Mocha

Manufacturer: Valhalla GCS

Guitar Builder: Wojtek Osojca

Year: 2016

Serial: 14201603


This Limited Edition 'Valhalla '58/'62 S Road Worn – Cofe & Tea' is a result of a collaboration between The Valhalla Guitar Custom Shop and Dominger Custom Pickups (USA). This guitar has been crafted based on the original specifications Fender® '58 Stratocaster® and Fender® '62 Stratocaster® Mocha. ...All hardware vintage (original one) or a beautiful relic.

'Dominger' Custom Hippie '68 Pickups (Alnico 5, AGED).

Hand-wound by Tammie Dominger for Valhalla GCS.

The 'Dominger' Custom Hippie '68 – great and open, crystal highs, tight basses, moderate output with high grade alnico V magnets, the Hippie '68 with his unique shinning tone will take you back to the groovy years. Because of the clarity and transparency created by the unique coil wind and magnet structure, the Hippie '68 pickup design works especially well with pedals allowing the low end to thump and the high end to soar. The Hippie '68 comes in bridge.middle or neck position and works great with the Stinger model in getting the Hendrix tone.



Body Material: 2 Piece American Baseball Ash

Body Color: Vintage Faded Mocha, Satin Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Neck: Maple, Medium 'C' Shape, Thickness .84" at 1 Fret, .95" at 12 Fret, Vintage Faded Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Fretboard: Slab Board Rosewood, 7.25" Radius, Replica Clay Dots
Frets: 21 Tall Frets, width 2 mm x 1.3 mm height, Vintage
Truss Rod: Adjustment at Heel
Tuning Keys: Fender® American Standard, Gotoh® Ebony Mini Buttons
Bridge: Fender® Vintage Hardtail with Fender® Stamped Saddles, Silver, AGED
Pickups: 'Dominger' Hippie '68 Pickups – Alnico 5 (5.34 kΩ N, 5.46 kΩ M, 5.86 kΩ B), Not RWRP
Wiring: CTS 3 x 450 e Series 250K, .045uF Orange
Pickguard: Black Aluminum '57, 8 Fastening Screws
Decoration: _