A tribute to tradition...

''52 T-Bone Series guitars is a tribute to most famous model of Fender. All is perfect here, simplicity, comprehensive and comfort. Ease of making modifications of electronics as well as neck profile, makes the guitar to have its own personality that is unique – from blues to fussion.

At the '52 T-Bone Series consists of 2 lines varied in terms of destination and the materials.'

'52 T-Bone – construction, most similar in appearance to the original

Body wood – ash, alder, pine ...(max. 2 pc)
Body thickness – 44 mm / 40 mm (slim version)
Body painting – nitro / Wudtone / mordant lacquer

Neck radius – 7,25'' / 9.5'' / 10''

Neck shape – C '50 / C '60 / V / D / U

'52 T-Bone Slim – for beautiful however to heavy body

Body thickness – 40 mm

A little history...




'52 T-BONE


You may not believe us, but them ...you should.



Marek Kądziela




'52 T-BONE





  • '52 T-BONE

  • '52 T-BONE SLIM

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John Suhr Classic Telecaster

Inspiration... Very lightweight and resonant. Aged and sound opens up nicely. Production Date 2001. Probably crafted by John Suhr himself.